After drinking hydrogen water, my sleep quality
improved, no need to drink wine or sleeping pills
for better sleep.

Madam Tee

My hands are less shaken, feel energetic throughout the
day after inhale hydrogen for two hours !

Mrs X

In less than 1 month, I have improvement on the
numbness and able to walk in the park on my own.

Mr Andy

I poop twice a day, I feel really good !

Madam Kong

My urination started to recover as normal.
After 2 months, I completely recovered from

Mr Lee

I able to bend my finger after I inhaled hydrogen
for two hours.

Madam Tiu

My gastric reux, insomnia problem are relieve.
I also have better bowel movement.

Madam Y

My body’s fever gone very fast after drinking
Soyoshi hydrogen water.

Mrs H

I don’t feel any side effect after vaccination,
no pain, no fever, no fatigue, no diarrhea
after hydrogen inhalation.

Madam Z

Just drinking Soyoshi hydrogen water for few days,
my skin feels less itchy.

Mrs P

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