Testimony from a customer:

I’m a housewife and 45 this year, and I’ve drunken hydrogen-dissolved water for 2 years. Thanks to this water, my shoulder discomfort and cold body constitution have disappeared like magic. I have healthy days now without catching a cold this winter.

I’d like to tell you about my husband’s story. We married and had our first baby in our early 20s.

Since then, my husband started to enjoy drinking with his meal every night. Sooner or later, he was bound to have high uric acid levels, over 9.5 mg/d_ , while still in his 20s. He was told he should take medicine for the rest of his life, and it worked for 13 years. However, since then, he kept drinking too much again for 20 years. It led his levels of cholesterol, neutral fat, and -GTP

higher. He finally had fatty liver before reaching his 50s. I was worried about his health, so I nagged him to ‘Stop drinking!’ from time to time. However, he didn’t hear me at all and this made

me feel nervous.

One day, I found hydrogen-dissolved water!

And I told him, ‘Drink water’ instead of ‘Stop drinking.’ From the time being, he drinks 3L of hydrogen-dissolved water every day, and now he even mixed the water with liquor. And the latest checkup results is so surprising!

• Cholesterol 244—> 207mg/d1 (Average: 130~219mg/d1 )

• Neutral fats 502 —> 147mg /d1 (Average: 30~149 mg/d1)

• Y -GTP 154—> 87u/1 (Average: 0~75u/1)

• Uric acid level without medicine, 7.2 mg /d1 (Average: 2.6~7.5 mg/d1 )

The fatty liver has all gone away. And he quit his lovely liquor and only drink hydrogen-dissolved water. Now he feels happy to be healthy again. This is the best water i ever met! My husband and I really appreciate the developer of hydrogen-dissolved water.

-Ms. K (45, Female)

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