What is hydrogen-dissolved water? Hydrogen-dissolved water is also called “hydrogen-rich water”, meaning a type of water rich in hydrogen. In most cases, water that contains hydrogen is rarely found in nature. For instance, pure water that is readily available on the market, including tap water, doesn’t contain any hydrogen (molecules)。 Water consists of hydrogen and oxygen. The term “water that contains hydrogen” refers to the form in which hydrogen molecules(H2) are tied to the gaps between water molecules (H20). The type of water with hydrogen molecules (H2) dissolved, not including the hydrogen molecules comprised in the water molecules (H20), is called “hydrogen-dissolved water”

Why water matters?

Water is the origin of life and supports all living organisms, including humans.

70% of water in the human body is contained in cells; 19% filling the gaps between tissues; 8% in blood. In terms of organ-by-organ distribution, water accounts for 99% of blood, 83% of the brain, 79% of the heart, 76% of muscles, 22% of bones, and 72% of the skin.

And if lack of water, which will cause stagnates blood circulation and purification. Our cells begin to lose their vitality, healing power, and immunity due to accumulated toxic materials in the body. Water is essential in supporting life, and is the optimal means to deliver nutrients and other material to each part of the body at the cellular level. Hydrogen-dissolved water and toxic ROS Hydrogen (H2) is marked by its ability to immediately convert to water (H20) when in contact with oxygen (O2) at a distance. Toxic ROS refer to a group pf oxygen molecules floating hither and yon, without their combining with other chemicals inside the human body. Hydrogen instantly turns into water in contact with toxic ROS inside the body. The water is removed from body in the form of urine or sweat over time. Hydrogen turns into water when in contact with oxygen. The corresponding scientific term for this phenomenon is “reduction.” Oxidation and reduction are the most fundamental and universal principles in all phenomena witnessed on Earth.

Hydrogen has a reducing power that matches the powerful oxidation power of oxygen. In short, oxidation indicates growing “rusty” and oxidation that takes place in the human body refers to toxic ROS, the reason cells become rusty. The best countermeasure against oxidation is reduction, and it can be said that hydrogen is king of reduction, given its formidable reducing power.

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