Disease can be divided into infectious diseases caused by the likes of viruses and bacteria and noninfectious disease – that is, adult or lifestyle disease. And large numbers of academics point out that toxic ROS are one direct cause of adult-lifestyle diseases.

Among the diversity of lifestyle diseases, diabetes is known to be the most common, caused by the occurrence of toxic ROS along with high blood pressure or arteriosclerosis. One world imagine this might create hydrogen dissolved water has on the prevention and improvement of diabetes since hydrogen water started drawing attention. In fact, full-fledged studies and clinical trials to prevent and treat diabetes using hydrogen-dissolved water are in the works, with a variety of documented cases demonstrating the effectiveness of hydrogen-dissolved water in treating diabetes.

Large numbers of researchers have set their sights squarely on the fact that lipid peroxide – a byproduct of toxic ROS found in the bodies of those with diabetes – increases, whenever they encountered the causes for diabetes.

The term “lipid peroxide,” mentioned above, refers to an unsaturated fatty acid (a key component of cell membranes enclosing cells) oxidized by toxic ROS. Lipid peroxide is highly toxic to the human body.

Once unsaturated fatty acids in cell membranes have turned into lipid peroxides, they attack nearby unsaturated fatty acids, producing new lipid peroxides in greater numbers. Continuation of this chain reaction leads to cell death as cell membranes turn into lipid peroxides. For instance, blood samples of those with diabetes contain lipid peroxide in large quantities compared to healthy people. In addition, though no one knows exactly why, the pancreas’ beta cells, which release insulin that controls blood sugar levels in the human body, tend to be more susceptible to toxic ROS than other organs or cells.

The upshot of all this is that toxic ROS is one direct cause of diabetes. In point of fact, there have been various clinical trials demonstrating that hydrogen-dissolved water in highly effective in treating diabetes, compared to other illness. One of such examples can be found in a case that reported dramatic improvement of diabetes in a paper published at the International Healthy Portable Water Symposium in Jeju-do, May 2013, by Prof Kenji Tazawa, M.D., a leading authority in the field of hygrogen- dissolved water in Japan.

In this case, a severe diabetic patient with a blood sugar level of over 250 and 9% of glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) began drinking 1.5L of hydrogen-dissolved water where the concentration of dissolved hydrogen is 1.5ppm. on a daily basis. Within just two weeks, both HbA1c level and the blood sugar level had dropped to near the normal range, with later readings remained in the normal range over the next 8 months.

Strictly speaking, hydrogen-dissolved water is not a drug for diabetes.

The positive effects hydrogen-dissolved water has on diabetes must be proved through a greater number of studies and clinical trials in the future.

However, it seems certain that hydrogen – dissolved water is of great help to those susceptible to diabetes or those suffering from diabetes at present. Since there are no known side effectsin comparison with other drugs or health supplements, one might drink hydrogen-dissolved water at this disposal without worrying about side effects.

Hydrogen-rich water is proven to alleviate over 200 types of human diseases. As reported by Japan scientists, some of these diseases are :-

Digestive Diseases – 91 %

Allergy – 99 %

Skin Diseases – 96 %

Respiratory Organic Diseases – 89 %

Diabetes – 88 %

Osteoarthritis – 87 %

Neurological System – 59 % To know more about hydrogen water? Contact Us :

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