1. Hydrogen-dissolved water is considered an exceptional and the most ideal anti-oxidant; more than others. What is the reason for that?

a. Hydrogen doesn’t react with such harmless free ROS and selectively removes hydroxyl radicals – the ROS that are most harmful to cells.

b. Hydrogen-dissolved water is rich in hydrogen and is good for the human body, as there are no known side effects.

c. There are other antioxidants that can remove toxic ROS. There are vitamin C, vitamin E, catechin, lycopene, coenzymes 10, etc

Hydrogen-dissolved water is the only antioxidant that is able to selectively remove toxic ROS (hydroxyl radicals). Cells consist of cytoplasm enclosed within a membrane, which contains many biomolecules. Many types of prokaryotic cells have a cell wall. The cell wall acts to protect the cell mechanically and chemically from its environment, and is an additional layer of protection to the cell membrane. It is hard for anti-oxidants to penetrate into the cell membrane. Unsaturated antioxidants like vitamin E or coenzyme Q10 are not effective in the cell membrane. Which is coved with fatty acid. Each anti-oxidant does not react to every toxic ROS in the body. They selectively react on a particular organ, so as not to be versatile. In addition, the human brain protects itself by strictly controlling the entry of substances via a blood-brain barrier (BBB). Hydrogen, however, is able to penetrate any part of the cell since it is a highly combustible diatomic gas with the molecular form. The cell membrane consists of lipids, also known as fatty acid, but hydrogen molecules are so diffuse and small enough to penetrate water, fatty acid, anywhere. In addition, Hydrogen acts as a therapeutic antioxidant by selectively reducing cytotoxic oxygen radicals.

2. Are they any side effects of hydrogen-dissolved water?

Studies haven’t found any side effects of hydrogen-dissolved water so far. When drinking hydrogen-dissolved water, hydrogen floats at high speed hither and yon in the human body. Hydrogen instantly turns to water as it comes into contact with toxic ROS inside the body. The corresponding scientific term indicating this phenomenon is “reduction.” That’s why they are no side effects to hydrogen-dissolved water, theoretically. Hydrogen in combination with ROS is removed from body in the form of water. Hydrogen doesn’t cause any harm even if taken in large quantities. As hydrogen easily spreads throughout the body, the remaining hydrogen is discharged through respiration. Regardless of the amount one consumes, hydrogen is released from the body. Hydrogen itself is harmless in a gaseous state. There are no known side effects.

3. Is it true that hydrogen only works for illness or disability?

Hydrogen is capable of removing hydroxyl radicals- highly oxidative toxic ROS. For instance, hydrogen- dissolved water id effective in the brain under pressure and for treating knee joints. In other words, hydrogen will seek out and fin where you feel hurt, even though you started taking hydrogen dissolved water to lighten freckles.

4. Is it true that hydrogen- dissolved water may break out of the vicious circle created by health- related symptoms?

Oxidation, inflammation, and allergy have all been deemed unrelated to one another in the field of medicine. However, there three elements are related to one another in a vicious circle. Also, hydrogen-dissolved water plays the role of not only eliminating toxic ROS, but also changing its physical constitution so it cannot produce toxic ROS. In other words, hydrogen plays the role of a genetic switch controlling and changing its physical constitution. Controlling does not mean turning on or off “switches.” Is it closer in meaning to adjusting the brightness of a light. When you dink hydrogen-dissolved water, you are adjusting a genetic switch that serves a function and lasts for about a day.

5. Is hydrogen-dissolved water effective in dieting?

It is said that hydrogen-dissolved water is effective in activating fat metabolism, not sugar (glucose) metabolism, and in reducing fatigue when athletes drink hydrogen-dissolved water. These results indicate hydrogen-dissolved water has a good effect on diet.

6. What are the top three beneficial effects of hydrogen-dissolved water?

A. Blocking harmful toxic ROS

B. Improving energy metabolism

C. Reducing inflammation

7. Has hydrogen-dissolved water been proven effective by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in Korea, Department of Health and Human Services in Japan, or the FDA in the United Sates?

Many researchers have paid attention to hydrogen as a novel, anti- oxidant element, and reported on its efficacy in 2007. However, it is considered somewhat of a miraculous feat that more than 500 articles on hydrogen-dissolved water have been published and clinical trial results have been reported during such a brief period.

8. Is hydrogen-dissolved water effective in treating cancer?

Studies show that hydrogen-dissolved water plays quite an important role in producing anti-cancer effects, so it is possible for concomitant administration of hydrogen is dissolved water and medical treatment. In theory, hydrogen is clearly effective in treating cancer but clinical demonstration is as yet insufficient. There are three ways to treat cancer in modern medical science: surgery, radio therapy, and chemo-radiation therapy. While treating cancer, small amounts of harmful ROS are produced inside of the body.

Therefore, it is said that many patients lose their lives from operation, anti-cancer treatments, the side effects of radiation, but not from cancer itself. Drinking hydrogen-dissolved water decreases toxic ROS. Consequently, treatment in addition to hydrogen-dissolved water could quite possibly be more effective.

9. In which part of the body does hydrogen-dissolved water work?

Hydrogen- dissolved water helps the entire body, especially weakened parts that can be returned to health. Weak cells are damaged by toxic ROS, in contrast, oxidative hydrogen-dissolved water protects and cures cells from harm caused by toxic ROS. Among the most important effects is prevention of disease and cell damage.

10. How does hydrogen-dissolved water work?

Hydrogen-dissolved water selectively eliminates toxic ROS. Also, hydrogen being the lightest element and appearing at the top of the periodic table of all elements, is able to penetrate every part of body. Lipids are deposited on the walls of blood vessels when they are oxidized by toxic ROS. In short, this can cause blood vessels to get “rusty.” The presence of toxic ROS in blood flocculates red blood cells, causing various disease as a result of causing their stickiness and a decrease as a result of causing their stickiness and a decrease in numbers. Adding hydrogen-dissolved water to red blood cells reduces the viscosity of red blood cells and keeps them from dying. Also, it prevents the cell membrane from the effects of toxic ROS and helps rid the body of dead cells. Moreover, hydrogen is the only antioxidant that can reach the mitochondria in cells. Since hydrogen can penetrate lipids and water, it can travel anywhere, not only to mitochondria, but alsi to DNA or even sirtuin, a new concept gene that may extend the human lifespan. Hydrogen is the only antioxidant that can travel to every human organ and brain cell.

11. Is hydrogen-dissolved water absorbed into the body when drinking?

Yes. Hydrogen-dissolved water spreads across the entire body within 10 minutes of drinking. There, the remaining hydrogen turns into a gaseous state and is discharged through respiration. Because of its diffuseness, hydrogen spreads throughout the body and blood. Hydrogen-dissolved water penetrates every organ and blood vessel.

12. For how long and how much water should we drink?

Though it can vary from person to person, a lot of people purport to have changed their physical constitution by drinking hydrogen-dissolved water for 2 months. The amount of hydrogen-dissolved water you drink does not matter, as hydrogen does not accumulate inside the body. Because of this, hydrogen has no side effects even if taken in large quantities.

13. Is it ok if hydrogen is heated?

Hydrogen will completely evaporate when it reaches boiling. Just heat in a double boiler at 80 degrees in a can or pouch, and hydrogen will hardly escape from water. Hydrogen, compared to other gases, evaporates well at high temperatures.

14. How about bathing with hydrogen-dissolved water?

Recently, hydrogen bath foams based on magnesium were newly released. Add hydrogen bath foams into a bathtub and soak. Hydrogen will penetrate inside the body after 7 minutes. As a result, blood circulation is promoted, as is getting warm from inside of the body.

A number of research results show the effectiveness of hydrogen-dissolved water in arteriosclerosis. Someone who has fat flocculating red blood cells can recover the level of blood pressure as normal. Set the proper temperature so as not to sweat too much. Take a bath slowly.

After taking a bath, make sure to drink plenty of water. Bath foams with magnesium are not recommended since they contain pH alkalinity, reaching 10 degrees. Therefore, the electrolysis system for hydrogen bathing has been produced. It is very effective in skin care, as well as acne, atopy, and more.

15. Is it ok for babies to drink hydrogen-dissolved water?

It’s safe, but let babies drink small amounts of warm hydrogen water so as not to suffer stomach ache. Also, soak a cotton towel with hydrogen-dissolved water and apply when cold, sweating, or suffering from diaper rash.

16. Is it ok for pets like dogs or cats to drink hydrogen-dissolved water?

Dogs or cats have plenty of ROS, so they will be getting healthier when drinking hydrogen-dissolved water. It’s especially cats that usually have kidney problems, so many people who raise cats use hydrogen-dissolved water. Though cats hate drinking water, they prefer hydrogen-dissolved water to the ordinary kind.

17. Is hydrogen-dissolved water effective on freckles and wrinkles?

Freckles and wrinkles are due to toxic ROS. They damage skin and cause it to age, Hydrogen prevents and delays skin from aging, so it improves skin by relieving freckles and wrinkles.

18. Is hydrogen-dissolved water effective in the metabolic syndrome?

Hydrogen is effective as not only an anti-oxidant, but also in improving the physical constitution. Hydrogen’s role of improving the physical constitution includes signaling cell health and stimulating fat burning in the body. Also highly recommended for those suffering from metabolic syndrome, as many cases show that hydrogen-dissolved water is effective in treating high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia and arteriosclerosis. Some clinical trial cases reveal that hydrogen-dissolved water has the ability to lower cholesterol levels.

19. How does hydrogen-dissolved water affect exercise, say before/after jogging?

It has been reported that hydrogen-dissolved water relieves muscle fatigue from physical activities, in addition to its capability to remove toxic ROS.

20. Is there any possibility to explode hydrogen dissolved water?

The concentration of hydrogen maintained in water is not high enough to explode.

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